And... we're back

And… we’re back. We took off for the summer but it was for a good reason. At the rate that we were going, we weren’t able to keep up with the demand both on the store and for the community. We needed to regroup, refresh, find meaning in what we were doing and also create a way to operate more efficiently.

We’re officially re-launching on 8.08 with a few big changes with one big motto: Doing less with more meaning.

    1. Fewer features with more meaning: We’ll be cutting down from a feature a day to 1-4 major features in a month. We’ll be able to spend more time with the artist and dive deeper into their journey. Every feature from now on will also be available on the
    2. Fewer collabs with more meaning:  Although each feature will be a product, it will only be available for two weeks. If a feature performs well during that time, we’ll work with the artist to produce a product that will enter into our permanent store.
    3. Less curation, more submissions: In addition to our curation from the #fourofour hashtag we’ll also be opening up submissions via web. This will allow us to be less dependent on an ever-changing platform and allow the artists to present their work in a different, better light.
    4. Less hype, more content: we are not a traditional streetwear or a fashion brand, We are wholeheartedly a company driven by content creators who are trying to change the landscape for other creators in our city. We’ll continue to produce streetwear as it’s a way to rep the culture, but we want to create more meaningful content. We’re already piloting a couple of video projects, gallery shows and variety of other projects. If you are a content creator and would like to be part of a collective that’s producing meaningful, dope content revolving around our city, here’s how you can get involved (link). We’re also looking for folks to help us plan future events as part of our “Events committee.”  Please remember that this takes time and commitment with no promise of immediate $ return.
    5. Less walk, more talk: Don’t worry, we’ll still organize photo walks from time to time. However, we’ll be planning more events that are simpler roundtables to allow for more creative discussion.
    6. Less B/W, more color: We’ve heard your requests and are moving towards making more products with different colors.
    7. Less visual, more everything else: Due to the nature of the Instagram, the majority of our collaborations have been with photographers. However, we want to stick to our goal of collaborating with independent artists of all kinds. We’ll be showcasing how this can be possible with our launch on 8.08
    8. Less store, more limited stock: Unfortunately, we’ll have to remove some of our older collaborations to make way for the new business model. Fortunately, you’ll have a chance grab these pieces before they are taken down starting on 8.08 as part of our “retirement sale.” All of the products set to be taken down will be available for sale for a final week for 25% off. If any of the products perform well during the sale, they have a chance to make it into the permanent collection, so be sure to show support to these artists.

As always we’d like to thank everyone who’s supported us via buying a product, showing up to an event or even hashtagging #fourofour.

 See you on eightoeight.


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