Artist Spotlight: Christynne Papincak

Photo by Keith Jackson

During her photography career, Christynne has taken some of the most shared Atlanta photos. If you’ve been on Instagram in Atlanta anytime in the last three years, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ve run into one of her photos. She goes by the name @whyiloveatl and through a unique voice, she makes us love ATL.

Her unique vision of the city captures Atlanta through unexplored perspectives. Each one of her shots is a unique presentation of some of our most iconic buildings and neighborhoods. And many more subjects that others had never even thought to shoot. Her work captures the urban beauty of Atlanta and her passion for the city shines through with each shot.

We had the opportunity to ask Christynne a few questions on her craft giving us insight on the processes of one our favorite photographers in the city.

Q: Why do you love Atlanta?
Atlanta is a city that feels like a neighborhood. It provides culture, diversity, art, beautiful cityscapes, green space, great weather, growing opportunities, and great food!

Q: How did you get started in Photography?  
I've always loved photography ever since my grandmother gave me my first Polaroid camera as a young girl for Christmas. As I grew up, I always loved taking photos and loved capturing moments. Fleeting moments in my life that would never happen again, freeze time.  From that, I started photographing significant moments for my friends and family and loved the joy it brought to them having their memories captured. I then started to photograph the city, exploring new neighborhoods I never would have gone to. Exploring during the early hours of the morning, while the city was still asleep, was therapeutic and peaceful. It was a beautiful perspective of our city, seeing the delicate sunlight reflect off the Atlanta skyline, while everyone was still asleep. It was silent, still, and serene.


Q: How did Instagram play a role in your pursuit of photography?
Instagram gave me an outlet. Somewhere to showcase my photos and moments in time that moved me. It gave me inspiration seeing what other photographs saw and captured. It also sort of held me accountable. With how busy life can get, I wanted to post a least 4-5 times per week to force myself to shoot and practice the craft. Then I saw a community start to develop, and friendships blossom. That was something I never expected, but it was the most pleasant surprise. Instagram now gave me a support group, educational experiences, and even job opportunities.

Q: What gear do you usually take out with you on a typical shoot?  
I use my canon 6D with the 24-105 lens and my 50mm 1.8. I have a travel manfrotto tripod that I should probably use more.


Q: Do you have a favorite place to shoot in the city? Outside the city?
Inside the city, I love midtown. I feel there are so many beautiful vantage points, and great hidden little spaces. And watching the sunrise/sunsets as the light reflects off the buildings is always beautiful to capture.

Q: Who is your favorite photographer?
I fell in love with Vivian Maier's work. Her story is so interesting and the images she captures are incredible. I also really love Lloyd Meudell and his ocean photography. Every image of his is captivating and pulls you in. I could look at his images all day.

Q: Where do you feel like your photography is headed?  
I honestly don't know. I know that I want to continue to capture those special moments that are gone in the blink of an eye, photograph growing children, 30th wedding anniversaries, new city lights, first kisses, and Atlanta as it continues to grow and change.

Q. Rather than the traditional t-shirts, you chose to collaborate with fourofour on a completely new set of products, can you tell us a little bit about that? 
I've always been passionate about health and wanted to create apparel that could be worn while working out and these were the natural result! Even though I know we were limited on what we had access to, I'm really happy with the quality of what we've put together. I'm especially excited about the "Above Atlanta" leggings which were inspired by some that I had of New York. It's awesome to be able to see that we love Atlanta to rep it like this.  



Q: Do you have any current projects that you want to share?
Other than planning my wedding, raising a new puppy, and helping out with other current projects at the moment!


Do yourself a favor and check out this puppy above, he's cute as hell. We want to congratulate Christynne on her recent engagement and thank her for answering our questions. 


If you are interested in seeing more of  Chistynne's work and would like to support her art, check out her profile and store here: 


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