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Congratulations to the winners of our Best of 2019 Feature Friday poll! 

  1. Rodney Callahan (@rod_cali)

  2. Eduardo Passlock (@snappy94_)

  3. Jahi Walker (@jahi._)

  4. Phillip Gandy (@urbansoul._)

  5. Martin Sessoms (@Sessoms_)

The winners of best of 2019 won the opportunity to collaborate with us to create a fourofour product. Each of the winners will receive 50% of the profits generated from these products for the lifetime of the product staying live on our site. Keep an eye out for the products rolling out early this year. 

Thank you to all participants in our best of 2019 contest who used the hashtag #fourofour. To be eligible for our next Feature Friday Top 5 picks or best of 2020 Feature Friday contest, continue to use the hashtag #fourofour on Instagram. 

To learn more details of the contest read about it in our last blog post titled best of 2019.

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