meetupno.0014 // recap

 Here's a video recap of our 14th meetup, a shootout, held at PPR in Midtown

Special thank you to Professional Photo Resources (@ppratlanta) for letting us use their space as well as their equipment for this event. We were fortunate to have the staff come in on a Sunday to help us set up for the event as well. Can't thank them enough for the opportunity. 

The idea was to allow photographers and other creatives from the city e an opportunity to try out some equipment they wouldn't otherwise have a chance to.  The gracious folks at PPR set us up with two unique light setups (detailed below). Everyone had a chance to play with all the equipment for a little bit and we moved into the shootout.  Each photographer had one minute to strategize and 5 minutes to shoot and edit a concept. The competition was intense and we were blown away by what everyone was able to do. 

Video by @kofiphoto@israelcasas & @b.chil

Music by @autobhan


First set up:

2 Profoto B1, w/ Profoto Octobox on a boom kit 

by @wellsty


Second set up: 

3 Arri S60-C w/ RGB+W Color options 



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