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fourofour v.2 release

Unveiling a new fourofour design and mural by a collective member and artist George F. Baker III. You’re sure to recognize George’s work from his popular illustrations of Killer Mike to his mural on the Square Stacks in Cabbagetown. You may even recall George’s earlier collaboration with us.  As a collective member George has shared his time and talents with us by creating this original design. The mural painted by George is located in our new studio and fourofour storefront. We’re so grateful that George offered this idea and was willing to create this special work for us. The mural has added personality to the space and makes it feel like our home.     In addition to the dope...

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The Koolest Kid on the Block

From Broad Street to Little Five Points, photographer Keith Jackson captures an array of subjects ranging in size, shape, and background. Even through black and white photography–which has become his signature–Keith’s artistry shines vividly. Every photograph he takes poetically tells a different story yet each resembles humanity at its core.  Keith explained, “I want to show everyday life and show the small things that make us who we are. Humanity, is really what I’m trying to show,” he explained, “especially in today's world… Everything is post, snap, repost, retweet, …we lose the essence of what really makes us, us. I want to show the range of everything, the happiness, sadness, the frustration. I want people to feel… to relate.”

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