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Preston Attebery has been forging his own path in our city. He's the artist behind the Simple City series where he took a minimalist approach to his illustrations of our city's architecture. Although he's recently moved away from Simple City and been focusing on his startup and his vlog, this particular episode reminded us of his ability to help us see our city in a new light. He went out to capture a 100 buildings around the city, but his elegantly crafted narrative is what caught our attention. If you love Atlanta, it's a 3 minutes well spent. Enjoy. 

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The Koolest Kid on the Block

From Broad Street to Little Five Points, photographer Keith Jackson captures an array of subjects ranging in size, shape, and background. Even through black and white photography–which has become his signature–Keith’s artistry shines vividly. Every photograph he takes poetically tells a different story yet each resembles humanity at its core.  Keith explained, “I want to show everyday life and show the small things that make us who we are. Humanity, is really what I’m trying to show,” he explained, “especially in today's world… Everything is post, snap, repost, retweet, …we lose the essence of what really makes us, us. I want to show the range of everything, the happiness, sadness, the frustration. I want people to feel… to relate.”

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