Video Feature / Atlanta Timelapse (4K)

By Bhargava Chiluveru

Video Feature / Atlanta Timelapse (4K)



We had a chance to sit down and chat with Kunal, the artist behind the @atlantatimelapse account. It was fascinating hearing about his process and the amount of work that goes into each of these videos, let alone such extensive compilation. Two years and 50,000 images are what it took to put this masterpiece together, and it will be quite a while before another one is even possible.

Kunal talked about how Atlanta was simply the practice grounds in between his travels, but in the last few years, the city itself became his muse. He attributes this inspiration to Atlanta’s Instagram community and the creatives who are capturing its growth.

“The city’s creative culture continues to bring diverse backgrounds together to attract bigger companies, encourage redevelopment, research, design and innovation. I hope through this video the people of the city are proud to call this their home & for viewers of the world to see that Atlanta has arrived.”

We’ve seen a few amazing hyperlapse videos from some of the biggest cities in the last few years, and this piece holds up to each one of those. This video indeed will play its role in showing the world the spirit of our beautiful city. We can’t stop watching it, hope you give it a few plays and notice all the intricacies within it.

To check out more of Kunal’s work, you can subscribe to his Instagram or Youtube pages.


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