Born and raised in East Point, GA I have always been connected to the city of Atlanta.  My grandfather, uncle and my father have always been involved in photography.  As a child I never viewed photography as an art, I always considered it merely an attempt to capture family memories.  Instagram, is the most influential factor that developed my interest in photography.  After being frustrated with the lack of depth, creativity, and positivity on my Instagram feed, I decided to follow the National Geographic page and from there I began to follow their photographers.  This opened my eyes up to the rest of the world.  I noticed that some National Geographic photographers actually used Iphones to take photos.  I was very intrigued by this and began to research Iphone photography.  In the beginning I took a few pictures a week.  Honestly, it was a stress reliever for me, the more pictures I took and the more research I did the better I became.  I eventually borrowed my father's camera and began to explore the streets of Atlanta sometimes with other photographers.  Eventually my hard work paid off and I was featured on the front page of the Atlanta Journal Constitution in an article entitled, "The Defining View of Atlanta".  Since then I've worked with small business owners and models on various projects.  Ultimately my wish is that my work will have an impact on the lives of those who view my photographs.  There is no greater satisfaction than others sharing how they have been inspired by my work.