Photography has been a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings without words. I choose to capture images which provoke a sense of adrenaline, yet a slight serenity. Being able to visit a location that not many will ever have a chance to such as cranes, underground tunnels, and many other desolate locations, portrays a sense of endearment to the gritty side of life. 

The images I pursue speak to me in a way that helps me to understand life as a whole. I look for the mundane, the things people don’t really pay much attention to, and I turn them into priceless entities. My inspiration is mainly pulled from the situations I choose to put myself in, a sense of un-comfort so to speak. This has been the key to my drive and I only intend to fuel it more.

My photos mean more to me than a lot of things. They show me the places I’ve been and the hardships I went through to achieve that outlook. Artwork that I produce brings me feelings of euphoria and freedom. Everything is constantly evolving, so being able to document things as I go is really blissful.

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