From the instant my grandmother placed a Polaroid camera in my hand when I was five years old, I’ve been capturing moments. My evolution—and eye—as a photographer runs parallel to the advances made within the industry since then. It started with that Polaroid in my living room, moving to multiple disposables for family vacations, getting my first point-and-shoot for Christmas as a teenager, buying a single-reflex Canon Rebel T3i before a once-in-a-lifetime trip to South Africa and settling on the Canon EOS 6d that I use today to capture cityscapes, sunrises and sunsets and emotions.

I live to capture moments—single, perfect moments—that the world will never see again. The loving embrace of soon-to-be parents just days before welcoming their first-born child. The delicate early morning reflections on Atlanta’s skyline just hours before watching the city come to life. The subtle glance an engaged couple shares just minutes before exchanging vows. The cold determination of an athlete just seconds before achieving his or her goal.

It’s these moments that move me. And, in turn, I share them here with the hopes of moving you, too.

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