our mission 

Bring the people of Atlanta together. 
Showcase the city destined for greatness and celebrate its unique culture.
Empower artists through community engagement, partnership and entrepreneurship.

our story

fourofour.co was born from the love of the city of Atlanta; it's history and culture. The idea is rooted in the belief that we are in a position where our city is on the brink of absolute greatness. In the quest to reach these heights, we face a problem. We, as a people, are disconnected. Our transportation system has not adapted to how fast the city is evolving. Our metro spans 8,376 square miles and we have one of the nation’s longest commutes. We exist in our own neighborhoods and boroughs.
Following multiple waves of immigration ignited by the ‘96 Olympics, these neighborhoods have thrived creating numerous subcultures and unique characteristics. We as a collective face the task of re-establishing our identity, as others from all over the country and world join us in this beautiful melting pot.
With the 3rd largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies, Hollywood productions moving into our backyards, a thriving music industry, world-class cuisine, and an emerging art scene, Atlanta’s trajectory is nothing but up.
Let’s unite and show the world who we really are.

our commitment

.collective - Sharing our resources in whatever way possible, whether it be studio space, digital skills, or more. 

.collaborations - Working to bring you apparel, artists features, and highlights of the creators around the city.  

.community - Providing a haven for creatives, in which all can learn, share, and express. 

.content - Using our platform to show you the Atlanta that many don’t know.