** Due to COVID-19, in-person meetups have been put on hold until further notice. We're working hard to create engaging digital meetups. **

Our goal is to bring people together to explore creativity through art. To ensure that we're doing that, once a month we host meetups in the Atlanta area. Each meetup is something different from the last, and always has a different goal in place. Whether your medium is photography or video, or you're a beginner or expert, we want you to join us.                  

We try to bring in experts and resources from our own connections to educate and provide a hands-on approach. Some people need someone to show them and Youtube can confuse, so we want to help out in that aspect. We want the community to network and get to know each other because real-life interaction is important, besides just online communication.

Most of the time they are free, but sometimes we do put on premium meetups. They tend to be photo-related events because photography is an art form that everyone can easily pick up on and explore creativity. We aim to do even more of these with different communities.

To keep up with our events and latest updates, follow us on Instagram @fourofour.co

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